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... Schonach, the dreamlike holiday resort in the heart of the Black Forest and the

"Ski village number 1 in the Black Forest and the place with the most Nordic Olympic medals and primates (priest ordinations)". (Quote)

Our traditional house is located in the middle of one of the most beautiful high valleys of the Black Forest. The call of the cuckoo from the world-famous cuckoo clock, whose birth cradle is Schonach, made known the Black Forest cosiness and the unique nature of our homeland around the globe.

For more than 100 years, we have committed ourselves to this tradition, meanwhile in the 5 generation, and offer our guests the proverbial, rustic cosiness, combined with the demands of the 21th Century.



From 1832 the "Rebstöckle", as it was then called, is operated near the present building, in the locally known "Pfifferhüsli". The name “Rebstöckle”was given by Severin Schneider, who lived for a long time in Alsace (France), where he acquired a vineyard and gave out the pressed wine in the "Pfifferhüsli".
The current building of the hotel "Rebstock" was built in 1886 at the place where it still stands today.


Technical innovations

All previous owners have always been open to technical innovations and have always kept it up to date with the latest technology. In 1903, the first steam heating system was installed. In 1906, the first gas light was installed.

1900 ff.

Difficult years

The years from 1920 to 1940 was also a very moving and difficult time for the vine. The period after the First World War was accompanied by a certain boom and investment (in 1920, for example, gas lighting was replaced by electric light bulbs). However, the Great Depression of 1929 and the Nazi era also had a strong influence on the vine.



During the war, many tourist resorts filled with "bomb guests" because the Black Forest was long considered safe from bombing. The “Rebstock” was chosen by the Nazis to take in children from cities that were threatened by Allied air raids. The hotel was redesigned and the guest rooms served as dining and classrooms. The simple foods for the children were allocated by the government.


Strong women

Bruno Schneider, the owner in that times, was drafted by the military to the Eastern Front. His wife Laura, her sister Hedwig and her husband Arthur Schyle led the “Rebstock” at his place during this time. Laura and her sisters provided the children with food and drinks and were often a family substitute for the numerous children.


New beginning

Bruno Schneider was severely wounded in the war as Bruno said: "A grenade fell on my finished goulash". During the occupation by the French, the hotel was seized as headquarters and Laura more than once put the French soldiers in their place with their resolute way. After hospital, captivity and homecoming Bruno took over the business again and was able to resume a modest hotel operation. He started adjusting the “Rebstock” gradually to the new age.


Advertising measures

The first neon ad in the village was installed at the “Hotel Rebstock". Bright writing now draws attention to the traditional house. In addition, a complete heating system was installed around 1950.


Optical innovations

Around 1960, the facade of the hotel was redesigned. The hotel now shines in a fresh light yellow and makes you want to holiday in the Black Forest.



A new garden terrace was built to offer guests the opportunity to enjoy food and drinks outdoors on beautiful summerdays. The construction of garages offers additional comfort for the holiday guests.



All rooms are equipped with modern TV sets and offer guests additional comfort during their stay in the Black Forest.



Handover of the Hotel Rebstock from Bruno Schneider to his son Albert Schneider and extension of an indoor swimming pool.
The following year, the kitchen is switched from a coal stove to a gas stove.



In the period from 1980 to 1985, the redesign of the guest rooms is constantly being worked on.



1990 Redesign of the house facade
1992 Renovation of the house roof
2000 Remodeling the kitchen
2011 New TV sets and Wi-Fi in the guest rooms


Feel good at the Landhotel Rebstock


Rooms & Rates

Our house currently has 25 rooms with 48 beds. For every claim we have something for you. Whether you are looking for something cheap as a business traveler, just passing through or planning a longer stay. You are guaranteed to find the right ones. The prices are per room and include breakfast.
The parking lot is in front of the house and is free for our guests.
For a fee, you can also put your car in one of our garages.


Have a look in our restaurant. Whether in the evening, for lunch buffet or for a celebration up to 120 people. We are confident that you will feel comfortable on any occasion.



Unfortunately we had to close our swimming pool for differend reasons.


Whether following an exhausting leg of the Westweg, after a nice mountain bike tour in the woods around Schonach or just to relax after a nice day in the Black Forest.
Our small but fine sauna invites you to let the pleasant warmth on your body and feel free from any effort to relax.

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