Family Schneider
Sommerbergstraße 10
D-78136 Schonach/Black Forest
Phone: +49 (7722) 9616-0
Fax: +49 (7722) 961656
Join the people at the cosy corner on the bench by the stove to have just a good time with them; local people seem to take a bit of time after the first contacts with them, you will see, that they are good sports.     
We are offering in our cosy restaurant many Black Forest specialities. Fresh-caught trout , delicious game from local forests and something very special. Steaks from the hot Black Forest grill-stone. You can thus be your own cook and are frying your meat yourself. Enjoy this together with our various beverages and a big selection of wines grown in the local area. Another speciality, demanded quite often are our big and nicely assorted family dishes.     
We offer you our service as well on our beautiful coffee terrace, overlooking the holiday park-garden, just opposite of the house.   

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